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Mixing realities

What we do

WYCIT helps companies to visualize and interact with design changes of products, processes, tools and facilities. By incorporating 3D scans with VR technology, users and stakeholders can play out and evaluate what-if-scenarios, bringing value to any decision process. WYCIT is your trusted parter that deliveres an end to end solution from scanning to VR interaction and decision support.

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The Process

Reality Capture

WYCIT specialize in capturing facilities and equipment using photogrammetry technology, which is the science of obtaining reliable data and 3D scans of physical objects through imagery and recordings. By using a method that is both time-saving and cost-effective, WYCIT can deliver high quality services in an efficent manner.

Mixing Realities

WYCIT bridges the gap between reality and simulations using the power of game engines and 3D scans. By exposing the scanned facilities and equipment to the physics and interactions avalible in the Unity game engine, realistic simulations and interactions are achieved.

VR Interaction

WYCIT incorporates VR-techonology in its simulations and thus allows the users and their stakeholders to visualize and simulate what-if-scenarios in an interactive and intuitive way. VR allows the user to evaluate design and layout changes in a fast and interactive manner, making it a powerful tool for any validation and decision process.

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